Monday, July 12, 2010

Scroll down to see pictures of our few days in the Berg

Fun with a four year old
at http://www.qwantani.co.za/


Sunset in the Berg


What a joy a four year old is.
Almost ready to go and soo excited.

Not at all concerned about the size!!

Very patiently waiting

Here is our grandaughter
waiting patiently for her
horse to arrive.

enjoying the shade

Isn't he just gorgeous.
They had just taken some beginner riders out and this one decided to
find some shade.


Hi ,just spent a few days in the Berg
with some great friends.We took our
grandaughter with and she just took to
horse riding! We were so impressed
as she went off on a large horse for a half an hour trail walk.,I think we were more worried than her.Hope you enjoy the pictures i took.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sell out!

Perfect weather and perfect shoppers,made for a very enjoyable day! Its back to the sewing room for me untill next month.Many many thanks from Sue and Shan.